What is Prisjakt?

Prisjakt Sverige AB in Ängelholm was founded in 2002 by Jonas Bonde. Our information and price comparison service Prisjakt.nu has got more than 500 000 unique visitors per week* and helps consumers find the right product from the right shop at the right price.

In total, Prisjakt has got more than 9 640 000 prices for more than 1 257 000 products from indexed shops and 4 970 000 searchable product attributes. Prisjakt also runs Minhembio.com, one of Sweden's largest discussion groups for home cinema and hifi enthusiasts. Schibsted Tillväxtmedier AB has been the majority share owner of Prisjakt Sverige AB since 2006. To be listed on Prisjakt is a very effective way of exposing one's shop to a large customer base.

*) Source: KIA-index 2010-06-07

Do you need to pay to join?

To be listed on Prisjakt is free. Our ambition is to list all swedish Webshops with an assortment that falls within our product categories. For shops who want to benefit further from Prisjakt, we can offer profiling that will give your shop a wider exposure to our sales and marketing channels.

What is required to be listed on Prisjakt?

To get get your Webshop exposed on Prisjakt, these are the requirements:

* Swedish language Webshop
* Swedish speaking support
* Prices in SEK (swedish crowns)
* Delivery to all parts of Sweden
* Ordering through Web site or by mail

If the shop is a swedish legal entity, it will be shown with a swedish flag. If it is european, but outside of Sweden, it will be shown with a Swedish/european flag.

As a customer of Shopitoo AB, you get a free connection to Prisjakt. The connection means that several times a day, a unique price file is generated, which is read by the Prisjakt database.

You can activate Prisjakt in your Webshop admin.

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